more grapevines
in Hampton Wick


grapevines in Seymour Road

a grapevine just north of the railway

this vine is well-kept, as can be seen from the photo showing it tidily running round the doorway. Though the leaves are green, the grapes are black.

two grapevines south of the railway

Seymour Road is just round the corner from me. It is named after a local family, one of whom famously became one of the wives of King Henry the Eighth, whose Hampton Court Palace is nearby. I pass these grapevines on my way to the library. One of them produces small bunches of black grapes.

the great grapevine at Hampton Court Palace

Talking of Hampton Court Palace - this is the famous grapevine, producing many bunches of black grapes. When I took the photograph, most of the bunches had been picked.

working horses at Hampton Court Palace

Here we see another view of the working horses at Hampton Court Palace.