Walter Southey was one of Britains foremost fighter aces in World War One.

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The search ends

Having found the homes of the Southey family, my search came to a halt. Then I found an old listing of names from the North Kent Historical Society. This list showed that the Southey family were still at Brockley. Near them in the list was a war casualty, allowing me to refer to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, to establish a likely plot. I decided that I was looking for section J and thought to find this in the old Ladywell section, as local burials occured there. I found the memorial beyond the chapel and near the heavily-populated sections.

The search has ended but an enigma remains. The houses at Brockley and New Cross are substantial. Even supposing they were rented, would a supposed labouring man live in such circumstances? Perhaps he had come up in the World? How did Walter Southey - one of the foremost fighter aces of the First World War, fade from view?

Walter Southey - April 29th 1897 to April 17th 1920