Polyanthus plants
at Hampton Court Palace

polyanthus plants

polyanthus plants

so many plants...

I estimated that about fifteen hundred plants were in bloom and that, in all, there might be four or five thousand Polyanthus plants in the one flower-bed. Hampton Court Palace is situated ten miles south-west of the centre of London U.K.

Hampton Court Palace consists of two palaces in one. The first palace was occupied by King Henry the Eighth, five hundred years ago. The second palace was built by Christopher Wren for William and Mary, three hundred years ago.

did you know?

Captain W.E. Johns, writer of the "Biggles" stories lived close to Hampton Court Palace. A primula was named "William Earle" after the name he used when writing gardening articles.

after the frost...

March 2012 - the polyanthus plants are recovering after being hit hard by the cold weather.