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Richmond Park is in the south-west corner of London, U.K.

The Isabella Plantation is in Richmond Park, two miles across the river from Hampton Wick. Throughout the month of May, we are able to enjoy a superb show of Azalea and Rhododendron blossom. I took these pictures in the middle of May 2006.

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May 2008 - this is the best month to visit the Isabella Plantation, which we find at the south end of Richmond Park. The main entrance is at the north end, easily accessible by bicycle from the Ham Gate. Those travelling by car will need to park at Broomfield Hill at the south end and walk across. The azaleas are mainly congregated around the streams than run down from Thomson's Pond and the Still Pond to Peg's Pond, which is near the main entrance. The man-made Thomson's Pond is in open ground, whilst the Still Pond, which may be a natural dew pond, is surrounded by a bank of colourful azaleas.