setting up the games

Hampton Wick is a village in the south-west corner of London, U.K.
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using the bubble console to play games

To play a bubble console game away from the TV, you need a games book and it's associated game cartridge. To play to the TV screen, you also require the appropriate DVD. As sold, the three come in a plastic box similar to a vhs tape box. At switch-on the console is ready to play away from the TV. To communicate with the DVD player, depress the green key at the top left of the console.

The photo of the console shows the correct positioning of the book, though it can be inverted, to expose more games. The spiral binding of the book clips over two plastic studs - careful please! Never fold the pages under, even when the book is out of the machine, or you may strain the pages or the spiral. Each page has a built-in sensor, enabling the machine to know which page is exposed. Turned pages hang over the back of the console.

The cartridge fits to the rear of the machine. Make sure it is located properly, for fear of damage or faulty connection. The most likely game you may find with the console is called 'Balamory' and was supplied with the machine. A tourist industry has grown up around the island village used to make the original BBC series.