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setting up the bubble game console

To set up the bubble games console we require the console, the setup DVD and a DVD player coupled to a TV. It may be possible to get by without the setup DVD, testing codes by trial and error. I will publish a procedure as soon as I get the chance to check it.

  • carefully remove the two battery covers under the games console
  • insert four 'c' type batteries, being careful not to bend the springs!
  • insert the DVD into the DVD player
  • watch the TV screen
  • follow the instructions - switching on and finding the code
  • assign the code to one of the three DVD buttons
  • switch off the console

Once the code has been set, the console can be used as a more or less successful remote control for the DVD player - useful for those of us hobbyists who get old players without the control!

The Fisher-Price game called 'read with me' can learn control codes from your remote control. Unfortunately Bubble cannot do this.

you have no setup disk?

Insert an audio CD into your DVD player. Let the disk start playing then press the pause key.

  • Press the power key on the Bubble DVD console.
  • you should hear a jingle fa fa fa fa fa_ sol_ me_ doh_.
  • press the setup key - top right on the soft keypad.
  • You should hear a beep.
  • Enter a code (I entered 1070 for my Sony).
  • If the code is valid, the star key flashes.
  • Press the star key
  • If the DVD player comes off pause and plays, the code may be ok.
  • Press the red, yellow, green and blue keys, pausing two seconds between key presses.
  • Press DVD key 1,2, or 3 (top left) to store the code.
  • You should hear some tones - doh fa doh.
  • Hold the power key to switch off the machine.
  • You should hear more tones - sol fa me re doh.
  • The machine will, in any case, switch off after a few moments.

If you are unable to pause your DVD player, you may need to try all the manufacturer's codes for your make of DVD player.