play games on and off TV

Hampton Wick is a village in the south-west corner of London, U.K.
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to play bubble games away from the TV

Fit the game book and cartridge. Switch on the console. The voice will take you through the games. Each page of the book presents a new game and - remember - the book can be inverted to expose more games.

playing bubble games to the TV

The bubble console can store three DVD player codes from it's list. If you have set up codes for more than one DVD player, you may need to select the appropriate one. To do this, switch on the console without the book or cartridge present. Press DVD button one two or three, as required. Switch off the console and fit the book and cartridge. Insert the game DVD into the DVD player. Swich on the console and press the green button with the white arrow, at the top left of the bubble console. You can now play the games while following them on the TV.

For the purposes of these web pages, the term 'bubble' is to be taken to refer to the bubble games console from Bright Things plc and not to the 'bubble' games widely available for the PC and mobile phones.