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the bubble DVD games console

This much-acclaimed and ill-fated DVD-based games console enabled families in the U.K. to play interactive games based on their children's TV favourites. it was the brain-child of Bright Things plc and lost them millions of UK pounds. The game was introduced in 2005 and discontinued in 2007. Unfortunately, the accompanying website - http://www.worldofbubble.com/ - was also closed, leaving customers with no source of information, except, perhaps, for the few inadequate pages shown on this website.

a failure to supply new DVD player codes

A novel feature of this games console is that it contains no DVD drive - the user places the game DVD in their own DVD player and the games console communicates with the player via infra-red control. Here lies the rub - though an extensive list of control codes was provided, many DVD players fail to work with the bubble console. There was a promise to provide new codes when needed, published to the world of bubble website. Any such list is not obtainable in 2009.

I failed to find useable codes for an AMW, a Technika and two Albas. I was able to get a JVC and a Disney player working - two out of six. The setup disk refused to be unloaded from the Technika and caused it to cycle - I had to take the machine apart - and it was left unreliable. Because of the problems, you may find a bubble console free or very cheap