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use as a universal remote control

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the bubble games console can be used to control some DVD players

Perhaps you have acquired a Bubble Games Console with no disks, cartridges or books. All is not lost - you may be able to use it as a useful universal remote control for DVD players.

what are the pros and cons?

The Bubble Games Console is only able to control a limited number of DVD players. No new codes are available and the unit was manufactured in 2005. Nonetheless, I have supplied a list of codes from Bubble and many older players will be covered. this is useful if, like me, you acquire other people's junk without the remote controls - bearing in mind that most cheap, conventional, universal remote controls will not include DVD player codes.

take a look at the console

Without the games book in place, the Bubble Games Console, shows us a set of DVD player controls, operated by soft keys situated under the graphic. There are the usual play, stop, pause, forward and back keys, plus a couple of menu keys and the associated navigation and selection keys. Their use does not appear to have been documented by Bubble. Gentle but firm pressure is needed to operate the keys.

finding the correct code for your DVD player

As you may not have the startup disk available, you will need to find the correct DVD player code by trial and error. Set up the Bubble Games Console, DVD player and TV as if you were going to play a Bubble game. Place a DVD or audio CD in your DVD player and start it playing. Use the pause key or your DVD remote control to pause the disk. Follow the procedure for entering codes in to the Bubble Games Console and, when the correct code occurs, pressing the star key on the console should start the DVD playing. If your DVD player has no pause key or you have no remote control, you will need to try all the codes for your manufacturer. Or you may discover another procedure - for instance going through the sequence star, red, yellow, green may stop the DVD or CD playing.

the procedure to enter a code

Switch on the Bubble Games Console by depressing the black power key at the top right. depress the adjacent setup key for a second. Enter a four digit code from the list and depress the star button at the bottom. If the DVD or CD starts playing, work slowly through the check sequence - Red, Yellow, Green and blue, then depress key DVD1, DVD2 or DVD3 on the Bubble keypad. this will store the code and the Bubble Games Console will play a little tune and then switch off. Switch it back on and test whether you now have control over your DVD player from the games console. If it is not quite right, try another code. You cannot store a code without going through the check sequence.

success and failure

I failed to find a code for my problematical Alba RDVD1000 recorder and a Technika 108, but found codes for - Limit DVD8070/8072 (0768), Pioneer DV-717 (0571), Yukai V520 (0730) and Disney (1270). The most useful feature is the ability to put menus on the screen. The up and down keys scroll through the menu items and the left and right keys may change items. Selection is done via the central (enter) key. Incidentally, the Pioneer DV-717 does not play CDs.  The DVD player controls available through the Bubble Games Console do not include such facilities as setup, eject, slow play and aspect ratio.

The AMW T-352 was interesting. This 110 volt USA model had to be run through a transformer in the UK. Bubble code 2016 threw up the basic controls but did not allow setup - the on-screen display is still in it's native German! Being intended for the USA, there is no SCART socket - we get the three component signals via phono sockets, as used in the USA, plus composite video, useable in the UK.

The Alba DVD-45 used code 1140. An interesting feature is that I had partial control using a pound shop URC 22B remote control. these don't usually control DVD players. My URC 22B codes were 496, 477, 502, 468 and 552 - all of them satellite or cable codes.

the ten-way connector

Users may notice a cover in the base of the Bubble Games Console. This contains a 10-way dual-in-line socket and it seems likely that this would include some sort of input for flash memory, via which new control protocols could be added, similar to the well-known jp1. No information is currently available.

you cannot use the Bubble console to set region codes

The Bubble Games Console cannot normally be used to set DVD player region codes as you won't get the setup menu and the numeric key pad does not work in remote control mode.

a word about protocols

The Bubble Games Console must use the well-known infrared remote control protocols, such as Philips RC5, Philips RC6, JVC, Sony and NEC. It would, then, seem possible that there might be unlisted codes available which would broaden the scope of the remote control section without installing new protocols.

November 2010