Cars driven by Percy Lambert

Brooklands Race Track, near Weybridge, Surrey

The Austin special known as "Pearley 3". Percy Lambert drove this car in 1911 and 1912, bringing it up to a final lap speed in excess of 90 m.p.h. Pearley was the nickname of Lambert's fiancÚ.

This 25 hp Talbot is the car that Lambert was driving at the time of his death in 1913.

The Austin was rated at 20 horse-power. It had an 89 x 115 millimetre T-head engine. This originally delivered 62 bhp, but this was later increased, enabling Lambert to raise his maximum lap speeds from an initial 77 mph to over 90 mph, during the 1911 season. The car used Dunlop tyres on the front and Continentals on the rear. In October 1911, it took flying mile and kilometre records at 91.09 mph and 93.79 mph. In 1912 it's owner came to favour Vauxhall and Talbot cars. The 4.5 litre Talbot enabled Percy Lambert to become the first driver to cover more than 100 miles in an hour - this record being set on February 9th 1913. Both cars shown above had bodywork designed by W.A. Brown.

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