Memorial to Percy Lambert

Brompton Cemetery in London U.K.

Brompton Cemetery is directly opposite the south end of the Earls Court Exhibition Centre, in the Brompton Road. To find this memorial, walk south from the Brompton Road entrance, passing the long brick-built galleries and reaching the domed chapel. Take the right-hand path round the chapel and you will soon encounter the Lambert family memorial, on the right side of the path.

During the years 1910 to 1914, The Brooklands Race Track, near Weybridge in Surrey, was attracting crowds of around 10,000 for the Bank Holiday Meetings. Percy Lambert was one of the most popular drivers, driving an Austin known as "Pearly 3". In 1913 he took a notable World Record - the first driver to cover 100 miles in one hour. The car selected was a streamlined 25 h.p. side-valve Talbot, built at Lord Shrewsbury's factory in Acton, London. In early February, Lambert set the record - averaging 103.84 m.p.h. for the hour.

Jules Goux raised the hour record to 106.22 m.p.h. driving a Peugeot and another Frenchman, Jean Chassagne, raised this to 107.95 m.p.h. driving a V12 nine-litre Sunbeam. In October 1913, having fitted a larger motor, Lambert responded with a 50-mile record of 110.96 m.p.h. The car thus proven, Lambert set out to take the hour record, the car lapping at over 110 m.p.h. for sixty miles. It is believed that a tyre burst, causing the car to roll over. Percy Lambert died of a fractured skull. He was thirty-two years old. Burst tyres were common at that time and often limited cars to runs of less than fifty miles.
Percy Lambert's cars - Austin "Pearley 3" and 25 h.p. Talbot

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