Memorial to Harry Hawker

Hook, S.W. of London U.K.

Harry George Hawker, 1889-1921, was an Australian from Moorabbin, Victoria, who came to England determined to learn to fly. He was successful and made many important flights but died following an incident at Hendon, when his plane caught fire. He worked with Tommy Sopwith in Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey, and also raced at Brooklands. Out of respect for his friend, Tommy Sopwith re-named the Sopwith Aviation Company as Hawker Aviation and produced planes such as the Hurricane, the Hunter and the Harrier under that name.

To find this memorial, travel from the Hook roundabout on the Kingston By-pass, south-west of London. Proceed south towards Chessington. A small, plain, brick-built church, St Paul's, will be seen on the right, one half-mile down. Harry Hawker's memorial is readily seen, right on the road and just to the left of the entrance gate.

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