Memorial to
Kenelm Lee Guinness

Putney Vale Crematorium, S.W. London, U.K.

Kenelm Lee Guinness was a member of the Guinness brewing family. He lived on Kingston Hill. He drove at Brooklands and once held the World Land Speed Record at 135.75 m.p.h, achieved at that track, driving a Sunbeam. He founded the K.L.G. spark-plug factory, which stood at Putney Vale, where the Asda store now stands.
August 14th, 1887 - April 10th, 1937.

The memorial is in the long rear gallery at Putney-Vale Crematorium, near the start of the Kingston Bypass. If entering from the Asda end, pass the office and turn right in to Greenwood Road. Proceed to the end and the memorial is directly opposite, to the rear of a reddish-brown memorial. The memorial may be incomplete and is not well-maintained. The memorial to Dick Seaman is to the east.

The Sunbeam used by Guinness was also used by Harry Hawker and Donald Campbell. It was clearly capable of over 150 m.p.h. It used a V-12, 18.25-litre Manitou aircraft engine, rated at 350 h.p.

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