Memorial to Clive Dunfee

Putney Vale Crematorium in S.W. London U.K.

Beresford Clive Dunfee was associated with the "Bentley Boys". On September 24th, 1932, he was competing in a 500-mile race at Brooklands, driving Bentley "Old Number One", which belonged to Tim Birkin. Overtaking Earl Howe's Bugatti near the bump at the Weybridge end, the car drifted high, dropping a rear wheel over the edge of the banking. Eye-witness accounts confict, but Dunfee appears to have died instantly, on hitting a tree. His death promoted the fitting of railway sleepers to the rim and these could still be seen in recent decades, but have now been removed.

This memorial is in plot K, on one of the curved paths. If approaching from the Asda end it is on your right as you walk east, towards the chapel. Pass plots twelve and seven and turn right, past plots six and L. The memorial is on the westerly side of plot K, right beside the curved path, near two trees. The memorial has two inscribed stones, the furthest for Clive, the nearest for his brother, Geoffrey, who was lost in action in W.W.2.

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