The Brooklands Race Track at Weybridge is best remembered for monstrous cars powered by aircraft engines and driven by wealthy landowners and businessmen, such as John Cobb and Count Louis Zborowski. However, smaller cars were popular - the M.G. Midget and the Austin Seven being well-known. Enthusiasts with limited means would build tiny specials fitted with motorcycle engines. The Brooklands authorities catered for this diversity by defining a number of vehicle classes, based on engine capacity.

Class to 1924CapacityClass from 1925Capacity
Light Car Class 1100 - 1499cc
Class A 1500 - 1639ccClass Aover 8000cc
Class B 1640 - 2084ccClass B5001 to 8000cc
Class C 2049 - 2458ccClass C3001 to 5000cc
Class D 2459 - 2868ccClass D2001 - 3000cc
Class E 2869 - 3851ccClass E1501 - 2000cc
Class F 3852 - 4998ccClass F1101 - 1500cc
Class G 4999 - 7784ccClass G751 - 1100cc
Class H 7785 - 13929ccClass H501 - 750cc
Class J over -13929ccClass I351 - 500cc
Class K 750 - 1099ccClass Jup to 350cc
Class L under 750cc
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